Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marian Rivera's 'I'm a psychology' remark creates buzz online

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Marian Rivera found herself in another controversy that sparked after defending her presidential bet Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III from detractors who were questioning the Liberal Party standard-bearer's mental health.
In a television interview in an LP campaign sorty, Rivera declared that Aquino is psychologically fit to lead the nation. She said she knows this because “I’m a psychology.”
Her grammatically incorrect reply drew immediate reactions from the online community. Some poked fun at the actress, while others came to her defense.
In a message board,  one ridiculed the actress by replacing her statement with, “I am the long lost daughter of Melanie Marquez.”
Marquez, a former beauty queen, has often been criticized for her lapses in grammar and syntax.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marian Rivera and Sid Lucero's Girfriend Nag-away!!!

What happened in the video below. 

According to Ruffa, Marian and the cast of Amaya were having dinner, talking, conversing, when there was this "girl" na biglang sumingit sa conversation. 

Marian asked, "Sino Ka?" 
and the girl said "girlfriend ako ni Sid Lucero!"
Marian answered: "So?!"
and the girl sad: “Taray, marunong ka palang mag-English Marian!”

and the fireworks ensued as Ruffa said.

Allegedly Sid Lucero apologized to Marian Rivera, but Yan Yan did not accept the apology. Sid Lucero got agitated and uttered bad fallutin words in English against Marian. Marian on the other hand responded with only two familiar words na hindi pwedeng sabihin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dahil daw sa kasuwapangan ng manager Marian Rivera, nawalan ng multi-million-peso endorsement!

BLIND ITEM: Pinangangamba-hang isa sa mga araw na ito—God forbid—ay may kalalagyan ang isang male TV host. By that, we mean, it’s a choice among the following: a.) dumpsite; b.) morgue; c.) graveyard.
Isang maimpluwensiyang tao u-mano kasi ang binabangga niya nga-yon, reportedly a scion of a high-profile politician na napapabalitang nobyo ngayon ng kanyang ex-girlfriend.
Bagama’t this is just a possible scenario, wala sa imahe ng angkan ng taong ‘yon ang tumumba o ipag-utos ang pagtumba sa host. But with the way the male host has been (mis)behaving these days, siya na mismo ang nagdadala sa kanyang sariling kapahamakan.
As of presstime, wala ngayon sa bansa ang controversial TV personality as he flew somewhere with his baggage but leaving his garbage behind. Hindi kaya ang kanyang biglaang pagpuslit last year was because he, too, feared for his dear life?