Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marian Rivera and Sid Lucero's Girfriend Nag-away!!!

What happened in the video below. 

According to Ruffa, Marian and the cast of Amaya were having dinner, talking, conversing, when there was this "girl" na biglang sumingit sa conversation. 

Marian asked, "Sino Ka?" 
and the girl said "girlfriend ako ni Sid Lucero!"
Marian answered: "So?!"
and the girl sad: “Taray, marunong ka palang mag-English Marian!”

and the fireworks ensued as Ruffa said.

Allegedly Sid Lucero apologized to Marian Rivera, but Yan Yan did not accept the apology. Sid Lucero got agitated and uttered bad fallutin words in English against Marian. Marian on the other hand responded with only two familiar words na hindi pwedeng sabihin.

You should watch this. Marian Rivera and Sid Lucero's Girfriend Nag-away!!!

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